Kyla Tilley

"Kyla’s song writing is as much motivated by daring progressive musicianship, as it is by simple infectious joy." – Matt, Toronto


- Kyla Tilley


“I had the pleasure of working with Ultimata to produce, mix, and master their debut track ‘Voiceless’. The band approached me with the de

- Ultimata


Rea: Steady Hand and Full Heart<br /><br /><br /><br /> 3


- Rea

Mulberry Creek

Vickie & Josh & their kids are some of the best people on this planet!! If you don’t like them, there is something seriously wrong with you!

- Mulberry Creek

NewManiac Music

"Peter is a world class producer and songwriter. Extremely proud of the level of songwriting and production we achieved in my single "Love

- NewManiac Music

Jeremy Rice

“Jeremy Rice is doing his part to make indie rock great again." – VENTS MAGAZINE
“One of the best sounds in the indie genr

- Jeremy Rice


“Curse the Summer was declared a triumph from local music media, with their sophomore effort Resettlement taking that momentum to a whole new le

- WinterheartH

Mike Herriott

Mike Herriott is an all-Canadian. A standout trumpeter, a Newfoundland native. Like a music ambassador, he has taken his artistry to the world. His mu

- Mike Herriott

Andy Skiffington

Music is in my blood. To be able to write my own songs and perform them is a dream come true.

- Andy Skiffington

Alright, Ok

"Alright, Ok is mixing tracks, textures, and tempos in an equally unobvious and cohesive manner, and in a way that’d have a bar hopping jus

- Alright, Ok

Steven Bowers

“Canadian frontman brings the same sweeping sound as The War On Drugs to his latest indie-rock release.”<br />
– Mystic Sons

- Steven Bowers

Jonny Starkes

Life’s not easy for anyone and sometimes people need something. My something is my music.
With that being said music has brought color and beau

- Jonny Starkes

Andrea Koziol and Bill Brennan

Bill Brennan and Andrea Koziol make music that is elegant, impulsive, sleek, unfiltered, sexy, funky, subtle, caring and as real as it can be. Let the

- Andrea Koziol and Bill Brennan

Mike Fisher

No matter what direction you take you turn your back on half the world.

- Mike Fisher


"We’d like to thank earth and outer space."



David Pomeroy

“a powerful agile tenor… heartfelt” – The New York Times

“Newfoundland tenor David Pomeroy, in the title role [as Faust],

- David Pomeroy

Heather Bambrick

"In everything from song selection, to choice of players, to her own way with a song, Heather hits every right note … " (Mark Rheaume, CB

- Heather Bambrick

Jared Waterman

Robert Salesman – Battery Cafe

There’s a strong, soulful quality to the music of Jared Waterman.
His heartfelt lyrics reflect the character

- Jared Waterman

Evelyn Jess

"If you are in the music industry at all. Do yourself a favour, and join MusicNL." – Evelyn Jess

- Evelyn Jess

Sean Panting

"For 25 years, Sean Panting has been an original voice in Canadian music, whether it’s through his impeccable solo albums or his band collaborati

- Sean Panting

Yes, Officer

"Lessons from A Snake Oil Salesman should be an album that local hard rock and hardcore bands strive to live up to. Yes, Officer delivers catchy

- Yes, Officer

The Celtic Fiddlers

My name is Anthony Chafe, I played with The Celtic Fiddlers for 8 years from 2007-2015. When first starting with the band I

- The Celtic Fiddlers


After nearly an eleven year wait the progressive metal outfit Qyn, consisting of John Ennis and Chis Feener, has finally released their debut album Ar

- Qyn

Atlantic Union

“We raised our son and daughter on The Whole Dance. We wore our original copy out. They still love the songs on that CD.” Marie Wadden

- Atlantic Union

Land of the Lakes

"Land of the Lakes are no strangers on the local live music scene, nor to award nominations at MusicNL or the Borealis Music Prize. But their lat

- Land of the Lakes

Florian Hoefner

“Mr. Hoefner is an articulate German-born pianist. […] His new album, “Luminosity,” shows him to be a composer-bandleader of

- Florian Hoefner

Fergus OByrne

“Fergus O’Byrne plays a very fine banjo and when called upon to do so, can handle a guitar just as well. His driving style on banjo is echoed by

- Fergus OByrne


“Why you need to hear Property: edgy pop music with intricate musicality and thoughtful lyrics.” – Alyson Samson, CBC Newfoundland

- Property

Rotary Arts Centre

The Rotary Arts Centre Committee’s mission is to see a community Arts Centre for the city that will serve our arts and cultural producers and th

- Rotary Arts Centre

Atlantic Disc and DVD

Robert is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in all respects of the manufacturing process. An absolute pleasure to work with and will defin

- Atlantic Disc and DVD

Sean Murray

Sean Murray? He’s wicked b’y. Just wicked. I can’t say enough about him. He plays it all, guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, bitta ukulele. He’s always d

- Sean Murray

Rozalind MacPhail

Gemeinhardt President & CEO, David Pirtle says, ”Gemeinhardt is thrilled to sponsor the creative artistry of Canada’s looping flutist,

- Rozalind MacPhail

Rosemary Lawton

“Rosemary Lawton may sum up that marriage of traditional meets modern more than any rising artist on the island today. ”
— The Newf

- Rosemary Lawton

Jordan Harnum

Jordan joined our shipboard cruises as a member of the onboard expedition team. After a month of sailing Canada’s wild coastlines with him, I ap

- Jordan Harnum

Sherry Ryan

“This second album by the hugely successful Sherry Ryan proves further evidence of the high number of great artists coming out of the Canadian w

- Sherry Ryan

Carolina East

Alan Doyle: Carolina East is one of the most eager and hard working young musicians I’ve met in a while.

- Carolina East

The Likes of Jeff Pittman

"This song (‘My Radio Won’t Make a Sound’) made my girlfriend bawl" – Matt Berry, X92.9 (Calgary)


- The Likes of Jeff Pittman

Katie Power

"Thank you Katie for an awesome evening. You are a natural performer and a beautiful person. I am so grateful I met you"
~Edna Hunt

- Katie Power

It Could Be Franky

"We Know How All This Will End is a collection of It Could Be Franky’s favourite alternative pop tunes, re-imagined as electronic compositions.&q

- It Could Be Franky