Send CHMR Your Music!

Congrats to March 2018 CHMR-FM Hot Local Adds: Joel Thomas HynesSherry RyanMick Davis & Thin LoveCarolina East & BRDGSThanks for submitting your music to CHMR 93.5 F.M!

As your local campus and community radio station, we are committed to promoting local artists. But we need you to send us your music.

Please submit your new music to CHMR-FM, be it a single from your new/upcoming album, or complete new album (released in the last six months). We have random #SOCAN sampling four times a year, so, if your songs are registered with them, fit our format, and end up in rotation during sampling time, you get paid.

Here’s the link with info on how to submit:

Thanks from all of us at CHMR!