Marine Atlantic – Onboard Entertainment 2019

The purpose of this RFI is to seek musical entertainers for onboard MAI passenger ferries for
the upcoming summer season, June 14 – September 14, 2019. This service will provide
entertainment for passengers travelling aboard MAI ferries.

Onboard entertainment will comprise of either single or duo groups only.

Entertainers will be required to work a seven (7) day gig, starting Wednesdays onboard the vessel and are required
to play up to seven (7) 45-minute sets per day.

Selected Entertainers must have a wide repertoire of music including selections from Atlantic Canada and Newfoundland.
A shared room and meals will be provided onboard the vessel at no charge.
Entertainers are responsible to provide the equipment to conduct the entertainment program.
Entertainers will be required to adhere to MAI’s alcohol and drug policy, no alcohol or drugs may
be consumed, during the contract period.
A contract will be required to be signed.
MAI will not consider any contact with agents.
MAI will not consider shorter gigs or bartered fares.


Interested Respondents are required to submit the following:
a) An amateur video with three (3) music selections on a flash drive, CD or link to a
b) A short biography about the group or individual.
c) Contact info including, names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of all
d) Deadline to submit is Feb. 28th!


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