Justin Fancy to Release Debut Single “Long Time Comin'” January 3, 2020

Long Time Comin’ is the latest of Justin’s musical aspirations to date, a song painting a picture of the long road to getting to where he is today. The song is a segue into his first country album, titled the same, which will feature all music due to release in April 2020. Since Justin’s top 200 finish at Canadian Idol in 2008, he has been at the forefront of live entertainment throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and has since recorded and produced many pieces, including an award nominated album with the band “Eastern Passage”. Justin now focuses on the country music scene, demonstrating his strong vocal capabilities and guitar playing with the album hitting the shelves in April.

The song will be released on VOCM’s Sound Check with Greg Smith at 5:45 on Friday, January 3rd and available on streaming platforms starting January 17th.

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