CBC – Black Market Hard-Tack, describes its style as ‘nan-core’

Back when news was circulating that Newfoundland and Labrador staple Purity Factories might be sold, Ryan Wade can remember driving with his mother and listening to the radio.

The opportunity came along in 2016, when the band Black Market Hard-Tack made its debut in St. John’s. It’s a band with a sense of humour, but it takes nostalgia seriously — so seriously that its latest release is out on cassette.

Wade (guitar, synth and sequencing) formed the band with Curtis Kilfoy (vocals, guitar, synth and sequencing), singer Krissy Breen and bassist Evan Hodder. Kilfoy and Wade started composing music together in a humble way: the Korg DS-10, a music program on the Nintendo DS.

In two years, they’ve released one EP and two albums, have gotten played as far away as a Welsh radio station, and one of their songs will be in an upcoming feature-length film, Deep Web, by independent director Jessy Dupont.

Black Market Hard-Tack describes its style as post-punk synth-pop, but what they’re channelling can depend on the song.


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