Jason Richard Lacour

"JLaC is a tireless supporter of local music. Giving artists a platform on K-Rock for their work and promotion of their music"<br />

- Jason Richard Lacour


"We also enjoyed the pub and listening to the live music. Mike Sixonate is an excellent story teller and singer." Tripadvisor

"We al

- Captain's Pub

Natasha Blackwood

I have recently started working with Natasha and I could not be more excited. She is a hugely gifted musician – you can hear this though every one of

- Natasha Blackwood

The Dandelion Few

"A good search is worth the effort, because the duo has presented a phenomenal album with ‘Diggin’ Toward the Sea ‘with influen

- The Dandelion Few

Wayne Lorenzen

Music is life

- Wayne Lorenzen

grant mills

I have passion peace and politics, poking thru the screen, the curtain opens to an empty auditorium, one lone wolf in the back corner. I sing, it slee

- grant mills

Regal Rogue

Regal Rogue began when Jennifer and Dave graviatated towards playing music together again after almost a 7 year hiatus from the Cold Turkey Records an

- Regal Rogue

Will Carter

"That was really really well done. MusicNL, where I work, is all about original music. We actually encourage it. We have money to fund it. An

- Will Carter

Mark Nichols

The Parish of St. Mark the Evangelist.

- Mark Nichols

The Celtic Fiddlers

I have been a part of the Celtic Fiddlers since July 1st 2015. After completing my music and music education degrees at Memorial, Korona, who was one

- The Celtic Fiddlers

Bob Pike

I’m a bass player, former board member of MusicNL. I’ve always believed what MusicNL stands for and the support it provides to musicians in Newfoundla

- Bob Pike

Robyn Slade

At the end of 2016, Robyn was kind enough to lend her incredible vocal talent to a recording of a song that I had written, entitled I Know Who She Is.

- Robyn Slade

Brett Vey - The MusicBox

“Recording at The MusicBox is a very fun and enjoyable experience!” – Jordan Coaker

- Brett Vey - The MusicBox

Kathy Stock

I’ve been playing music and singing my whole life and have had the opportunity to perform in many parts of North America, but no other place I’ve expe

- Kathy Stock

Ian Foster

What people are saying about 2017’s SLEEPER YEARS:

“This is a craftsman at work…one thing that anybody previously familiar with

- Ian Foster

Michael Hanrahan

" He is very much in demand as a studio sideman and as a live musician. But it’s with his own solo recordings that he shines. All his pre

- Michael Hanrahan


"Tanglecove are a musical tour-de-force! They are among Newfoundland’s most eclectic and creative songwriters.." – Angela Ardis

- Tanglecove

Weight of the World

"I left with a pang of jealously that i don’t sound a quarter as good as any of the three members of Weight of the World when I sing in the showe

- Weight of the World

Florian Hoefner

“Mr. Hoefner is an articulate German-born pianist. […] His new album, “Luminosity,” shows him to be a composer-bandleader of

- Florian Hoefner

Fergus OByrne

“Fergus O’Byrne plays a very fine banjo and when called upon to do so, can handle a guitar just as well. His driving style on banjo is echoed by

- Fergus OByrne

Megan Marshall and Vibe Galore

"The first time I heard Megan Marshall sing I was immediately struck by the depth of music. I felt I was hearing not just a singer but a personal

- Megan Marshall and Vibe Galore


“Why you need to hear Property: edgy pop music with intricate musicality and thoughtful lyrics.” – Alyson Samson, CBC Newfoundland

- Property

The Gathering

One person might tell you to go for the food. I can’t deny that … Some people might tell you to go for the music. But I’m telling you to go for the

- The Gathering


"This Album sounds like Deadmau5 possessed your video game console and commanded you to dance" – Chad Pelley (the Overcast)


Rotary Arts Centre

The Rotary Arts Centre Committee’s mission is to see a community Arts Centre for the city that will serve our arts and cultural producers and th

- Rotary Arts Centre

Derek Graham

– Professional singer, song writer, and live audio technician.

– Ran an independent Winnipeg booking agency “BCD Music Group&rdq

- Derek Graham


"Their debut offering is titled Feeling Things, and the band played the tunes — comforting, atmospheric pop with a soft, almost lo-fi aesth

- Weary

Atlantic Disc and DVD

We’re now working on our fifth CD and these days, I know the last thing I’ll have to worry about is manufacturing. When the mixes and graphics are don

- Atlantic Disc and DVD


"Every music festival should bring Ouroboros to their patrons in the summertime. They’re awesome and irresistible." – Vish Khanna, Exclaim!

- Ouroboros

Sean Murray

Sean Murray? He’s wicked b’y. Just wicked. I can’t say enough about him. He plays it all, guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, bitta ukulele. He’s always d

- Sean Murray

Rachel Cousins

"Every once in a while, you hear an artist and you know they are going places. You know that there are big things ahead if they decide to contin

- Rachel Cousins

Rozalind MacPhail

“It‘s easy to fall for the eclectic sounds of this creative mastermind, and you will probably get lost in your imagination while falling.&

- Rozalind MacPhail

Dan Rubin

A unique voice in Canadian acoustic music, combining extraordinary instrumental talent with gifted songwriting – Alex Varty, Georgia Straight

- Dan Rubin

Rosemary Lawton

“[An] artist with strong instrumental skills, a compelling voice, and a knack for creating arrangements that are authentic and fresh.” – J

- Rosemary Lawton

Steve Maloney

"He is legitimately one of our province’s most original and talented songwriters, and his debut album with the Wandering Kind is quite unlike any

- Steve Maloney

Hot x Proxy

"One of Newfoundlands must see live musical attractions " The Newfoundland Herald Jan.2016

- Hot x Proxy

Sherry Ryan

“This second album by the hugely successful Sherry Ryan proves further evidence of the high number of great artists coming out of the Canadian w

- Sherry Ryan

Carolina East

Alan Doyle: Carolina East is one of the most eager and hard working young musicians I’ve met in a while.

- Carolina East

Glen Collins

“No one works harder, plays better or composes more brilliantly than Glen. His contribution to the canon of local music is enormous and he conti

- Glen Collins

Katie Power

"Thank you Katie for an awesome evening. You are a natural performer and a beautiful person. I am so grateful I met you"
~Edna Hunt

- Katie Power

It Could Be Franky

"It’s been a year since this act, a.k.a. Danielle Hamel, hypnotized the St. John’s scene with her first solo album and played her fir

- It Could Be Franky