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There are so many reasons to become a member of MusicNL, here are a few great ones.


Your online profile allows you to post your news and performances


Musician advocacy to governments media, and funders


Award and showcase opportunities and voting status for awards and annual general meeting


Connect with a network of your peers, business referrals, and market access.


Access to travel funding, professional development, and free resources and consultations

Member Testimonials

Bob Pike

I’m a bass player, former board member of MusicNL. I’ve always believed what MusicNL stands for and the support it provides to musicians in Newfoundla

- Bob Pike

Robyn Slade

At the end of 2016, Robyn was kind enough to lend her incredible vocal talent to a recording of a song that I had written, entitled I Know Who She Is.

- Robyn Slade

How has MusicNL helped you grow?

The Once

By giving us opportunities to play music in front of buyers on the island and abroad.

- The Once

Jerry Stamp

Often a recipient of grants for touring and showcasing abroad MusicNL helped me to get out into various market places which were more lucrative than Newfoundland’s own smaller scene. MusicNL also funded my last album Rogue Doubt through a generous recording grant, which allowed me to fully realize the album and take more time with it in the studio instead of having to rush the project. This made the final product a much higher quality. Via MusicNL’s conferences and event I have met industry business people and other musicians who have helped further my career in ways I would never have been able to access or even know about had I not met them at these events. MusicNL also taught me that having great music was only part of it. You need to learn the business side and presentation as well. They helped to begin that education.

- Jerry Stamp