19+: Dora: The Sound Inside The Room Album Release with Centrefold and Steve Vincent

Saturday, June 16, 10:30

The Fat Cat

Dora began when singer and songwriter Liam Peacock took to a small saltbox cottage on Conception Bay. Inspired by everything from hitchhiking across Canada to small-town life, he emerged with a record’s worth of quirky, melodic songs. Saturday, July 16th, Dora – now with from multi-instrumentalist Mike Mosher, bassist Jared Pardy, and drummer Alex Luscombe rounding out the lineup – launch the album that gave birth to one of St. John’s most exciting bands.
Joining Dora will be Centrefold, who infuse their wall of shoegaze-style distortion with infectious melodies; and Steve Vincent, who combines big chords and heartfelt songwriting.

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